Testimonials, Reviews and Awards


"Wonderbras are so brilliant, I swear, even I get cleavage with them."

Kate Moss

"Your marketing plan has left the US underwear industry stunned. The media frenzy has begun to explode. It has truly been the intimate apparel launch of the decade!"

Kim Anderson-Curry – Vice President, SAKs Fifth Avenue

"As an international tennis player, the right sports equipment helps me compete at my highest level. With Shock Absorber, performance and design are never compromised."

Anna Kournikova

"With expert technical products like Shock Absorber, you can do a better job of explaining them online."

Jeff Bezos

"Shock Absorber is a very special type of sports bra! It has opened up an entire new category for us."

Martha McGuiness, Victoria’s Secret

"Splendour has an excellent business model and an experienced management team."

David Norgrove, Deputy Chairman of Marks and Spencer

"Nayomi is one of the top 50 Arabic brands in any category."

Forbes Magazine

"Mikyajy has won the Excellence Award from the UAE Department of Economic Development."

Emirates 24/7 Magazine

"Mark Pilkington is an expert in incepting brands and empowering people."

Retail Middle East Magazine

"I have great confidence in you and your abilities. Ever since you joined the team you have been a role-model of hard work, careful thinking and delivering strong results. The team has great respect for you and is very supportive of this new development."

Kamal Jamjoom (Owner) – on Mark Pilkington’s promotion to Chief Executive

Reviews of new book

"This is the book that many people have been waiting for - an explanation of what is happening in retailing, and what can be done about it. For entrepreneurs, policy makers and everyone who has a strong interest in where and how they buy things, it will be fascinating reading."

Lord Hague

"I read the synopsis with great interest."

Sir Vince Cable

"Impressively thorough and serious."

Martin Taylor (Ex CEO of Barclays)


Queen's Award for Export

Mark has won three Queen's Awards for making Gossard a number one export company in the UK.


Mark receives The Council of Fashion Designers of America award for exporting the wonderbra to the US.

Retail Middle East

Retail Middle East Conference – Nayomi best retailer 2016.

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