- Survive the retail apocalypse!

There has never been a period where retailers and brands have been under so much pressure.

A wave of bankruptcies is sweeping across the US and UK, and there are worrying signs in every major market. The rise of and other e-commerce retailers is eating into market share.

Technological change is reshaping everything, while the demographics are changing and the balance of power is shifting from sellers to buyers.

Supply chains are shortening and brand premiums are being eroded.

How can retailers and brand owners reimagine their business models to make their brands relevant in this brutal new environment? is a consultancy offering answers to this question. Mark is the author of "Retail Therapy. Why the Retail Industry is Broken – And What Can Be Done to Fix it".

About Mark

Mark Pilkington is a brand expert, entrepreneur, motivationalist and thought leader, with the vision to see what the future looks like and the drive to help brands get there.

He has been successful in both worlds – the classical consumer brand/retailing world and the startup world. His 30 years of experience in brand building includes success across multiple categories and on a global basis.

This combination supports his work in helping brands make the necessary changes in a rapid and practical way.

Mark is the author of "Retail Therapy. Why the Retail Industry is Broken – And What Can Be Done to Fix it" - a new book from Bloomsbury Publishing to be launched in January 2019.

The New Book


Case Studies from Mark Pilkington

Mark has worked with many brands and retailers over the past thirty years which have achieved extraordinary results.

"The greatest fashion innovation of the last decade." Karl Lagerfeld


Mark Pilkington named ‘Best Retailer 2016’ at Retail Middle East awards.

Mark's Blog

Mark's blogs on the future of the retail industry are followed by many thousands of
executives in the industry.

The death of brands: worth $158 billion between them, and not a luxury brand in sight!

Media work and public speaking

Mark Pilkington is much in demand as a speaker on the international retail and ecommerce conference circuit. His strategic insights and exciting style make him a popular choice. He has also done extensive media work appearing on networks like CNN, NBC and the BBC.

Consulting Services has worked with a number of high profile international organisations and also some early stage ventures.